Brit La Palm & the Barrel Fever

B&W+WheelBrit La Palm & the Barrel Fever are an Atlanta based band that is often hard to put in a single genre. Between songs like “San Antone” that offer an old school alternative country vibe to “City Love” that sounds like a track off a rock album, Brit La Palm and the Barrel are constantly blurring lines between the folk, southern rock and blues genres. Coming from a classically trained music background, Brit La Palm tries to find the balance between what made classical music memorable and how to transform new music into something the greats would be proud of. The Barrel consist of Michael Beavers on percussion, Justin Dale on lead guitar, Joshua Crowe on keys and Joey Wilson and Tyler ayers on bass. Compared to a female John Mayer or country Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, this new Atlanta band is defining what new country is. Brit La Palm & the Barrel Fever are focusing on bringing back musical aspects that been pushed by the way side that made bands like the Allman Brothers stand out. Currently touring the Southeast, Brit La Palm & the Barrel Fever’s music is so contagious it leaves people wonder if the name or the fan base came first. Their EP, which was released in October of 2015, is a the winner of the Akademia Music award for best Rock EP.


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