Dara Niemi Band

DSC_8046 croped 4 copyDara Niemi was born in 1998 and early on, her aspirations of great achievement were easily recognizable. At the age of three, she began gymnastics. By the age of eleven, she had won a South Texas State Championship. However, her determination quickly began to be rechanneled into music. Music filled her time and allowed her to express herself. Initially, she began playing covers in the local Texas music, but had a desire for much more.

Destined to write her own songs, and do things her own way, songwriting became the new challenge. She has been fortunate to write and perform with talented people all over the South. As her development progressed, she began to gain notoriety both locally and abroad. At the early age of 12, she was working with several writers in Nashville and by the time she was 13 had generated her first album.

Through her experiences, she has had the privilege of meeting many great artists and managed to develop the right chemistry among a handful that now make up the Dara Niemi Band. Dara and her bands have performed in many locations across the South. With her bands, Dara has had the opportunity to open for many great bands such as Kyle Park, Fastball, and Mingo Fishtrap at many exciting events with crowds in excess of 6,000.




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