Ashley Rivera

pressphotocolor-2“It ain’t the kind you take home to Mama.” This is how singer/songwriter Ashley Rivera responds when I ask her to describe her music. Her answer is blunt and a little tongue-in-cheek, just like the artist herself.
If the music landscape is filled with the images and sounds of the quintessential “girl next door,” Ashley pokes fun at herself by being the self-proclaimed ” weirdo next door.” If I were her neighbor, something tells me I’d be peeking over the fence a lot.

“I speak what’s on my mind. Sometimes it’s light-hearted, sometimes it’s kind of rough. But I don’t sugar coat it. I’d rather people either love me or hate me for who I am rather than make music that doesn’t tell the truth.”

She is known most for her soulful vocals and live shows. But look closer and you’ll find an artist with roots in traditional blues and Southern folk story-telling. Ashley’s debut album “Danger Dreaming” is available now.

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