Rusty Ralph

rusty-side-shadesRusty is a musician with the goal of paying it forward. Music has been instrumental part of life and has saved him each time a save was requisite. It’s brought joy, comforted in sadness, emboldened in the face of fear and been the outlet through which the emotional pressures of life are moderated. To Rusty, being a musician is not something you do, it’s what you are.
Drawing influence from 90s rock like Pearl Jam, Dave Matthews, and Radiohead as well as jazz such as Pat Metheny and Miles Davis mixed with more recent artists such as Bon Iver and Blind Pilot, Rusty’s sound could be described as garage folk. Whatever the song or sound, harnessing the emotional intensity that transports the listener to a better place is what motivates and inspires Rusty as an artist and a performer. Having been at this for approaching a few decades, he draws from his rich life experience to connect in a positive way with anyone still young at heart. You can find him performing around Atlanta as a singer/songwriter, collaborating with talented musicians and publishing music online. ​

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