_DSC0124With a sensitivity of the location in mind, we’ll have some great live music performances. Enough to enjoy, but not to compete with the customers!

Once the performers are confirmed, they will be posted here.

During the Festival we will have acoustic music provided by local musicians.

Due to the large number of live musical artists interested in performing these festivals, we are no longer accepting unsolicited submissions through emails or phone calls. All submissions will now go through a Reverbnation dedicated page for each festival event’s entertainment. This will allow us to be fair to all parties interested and select from only one central location.


Entertainment Lineup

Saturday, April 7th

11:00 AM – Martin and Scott

12:00 PM – Sounds about Right (Cary Dunning)

  2:00 PM – Martin and Scott

  3:00PM – Jeremy Wayne Dean

Sunday, April 8th

12:00 PM –  Martin and Scott

2:00 PM –  Adam Kadmon

3:00 PM – DeAnna Dawn

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